Responsible gaming

Game Risks
Sports betting is associated with great risk. With active gambling on this website you are at a risk of losing money and developing compulsive gambling behavior. We kindly ask you to bet responsibly. Trapped in the vicious circle of the biochemistry of emotions, one may lose control over his/her behavior. Gambling, such as sport bets or casino gambling offered in public, is intended for entertainment and leisure purposes, but it may become an uncontrollable passion. That is why gambling carries the risk of the possibility of sliding into uncontrollable behavior, which may lead to several problems. As the gambler invests more and more time and money, the gambling gives the illusion of creating a more bearable life and thus the development of an addiction is not far off. It is TIPWIN's wish to avoid such harmful changes. It is important to take preventive measures as early as possible so that you can take pleasure in the joy and excitement of gambling.
As a player you have to comply with the guidelines and laws of state institutions and authorities. As a responsible company, we believe it is our duty to enforce the protection of players and the youth. Minors are totally forbidden to participate in sports betting.
All information on this page can be changed at any time without prior notice.

Winnings Probability

The probability of winnings is an important component of sports betting because it indicates the odds of an individual outcome. This is why Tipwin gives information of what the offered odds mean in relation to the probability.
In sports betting, the gain or loss will depend on the prediction accuracy. The probability of any event cannot be safely calculated because all the parties involved in the betting have different views on the outcomes of the event being offered.
In that way, the betting operators, including Tipwin, present their views and predictions which are stated in the odds offered for placing bets for each event.
Following is a representation of the ratio between the odds and probability through which we come to the ratio of payout to individual prediction:
  Odds Probabilities
Home team 1.95 1/1.95=0.5125
Draw (Tie) 3.05 1/3.05=0.32785
Away team 4.35 1/4.35=0.2298
The payout ratio from the above-mentioned probabilities is about 96%.
Responsible Gaming

Rules for controlled betting behavior

  • Do not bet/gamble more than your budget allows.
  • Regardless of win or loss:
    • It is absolutely necessary that you stop gambling when your predefined sum of money for betting/gambling is gone.
    • Never gamble/bet if you do not have the financial means.
    • Do not gamble/bet if you run into debt due to gambling/betting and never gamble/bet with borrowed money.
    • Do not gamble/bet with money that was predetermined for other things (e.g. gift for your child, rent, repair work etc.).
    • Never gamble in order to escape from stress.
    • Set limits for the time you spend gambling/betting.
    • Never gamble/bet if you neglect or must give up your social and/or professional activities.
    • Take a break if the frequency of your gambling/betting increases.
If you feel you have lost control over your betting behavior, contact one of the information services mentioned in the help section.
Maintain control of your behavior and be careful that your behavior does not control you!

Are you at risk of losing control over your gambling behavior?

  • Are there situations in which you gamble although you initially did not want to? (Y/N)
  • Have you ever tried to stop gambling and couldn’t? (Y/N)
  • Have you often missed dates/appointments due to gambling? (Y/N)
  • Do you mainly gamble if you are bored, stressed or sad? (Y/N)
  • Have you got financial problems because of your gambling expenditures? (Y/N)
  • Do you have family problems because of your gambling frequency? (Y/N)
  • If you think about gambling do you notice physical symptoms such as inner restlessness, wet hands, racing heart, or a kind of tickling sensation for example? (Y/N)
  • Do you suffer from your gambling behaviour? (Y/N)
  • Do you believe that you are able to crack the gambling system/predict betting results? (Y/N)
  • Do you often think of combinations of numbers, betting possibilities, races and sports events, or do you think of winning or the compensation of your loss? (Y/N)
  • Do you try to hide your passion for gambling? (Y/N)
If you answered "YES" to 3 or more questions, then you should really think over your betting behavior.
Help Services
Our Tipwin Support Team is at your disposal for any questions regarding player protection and responsible gaming. Feel free to contact us through the contact form on our website.
We also provide guidance on where to seek professional help and find out more about addiction issues as well as any other questions related to this topic.
There are lots of independent organizations that offer help to compulsive gamblers.

Online community

Limits and Self-exclusion
As an online player you have the ability to set the limit and temporary or permanently block your account on the Tipwin website for sports betting and casino as well.
All of the below mentioned limits can be activated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Deposit Limit

This limit allows you to determine the maximum amount you can deposit into your account.

Stake Limit

This limit allows you to determine the maximum amount you can place on your bets.

Loss Limit

This limit allows you to determine the maximum amount of loss during betting.

Account Block

If you think you have control issues, you can block your account at any time - temporary or permanently.
Temporary account blocking - you can choose a period of one day, week, two weeks or a month in which you will not be able to access your account.
Permanent account block - you can permanently block your account after which you will no longer be able to activate it.

Auto log out

You can choose a period of 1-6 hours after which you will be automatically logged out.

Betting pause

You can choose a period of 1-24 hours in which you will not be able to access your account.
Protection of Minors
Tipwin strictly forbids and does not allow the participation and consumption of our content to minors. Therefore, while registering it is not possible to choose the date of birth which indicates that the client is a minor. Please note that each registered account must go through a verification process in which we compare all of the information that have been reported by the client with the documents the client needs to provide to our service in order to finish the verification process.
Also, all of our agents - franchise partners and shop owners who use Tipwin brand are educated and advised to take all necessary steps to ensure that minors do not enter their premises.

Content blocking software

If you want to disable access to the websites offering sports betting, there is a software that can be used on computers and mobile phones to prohibit access to the content.
Some of the examples of above-mentioned software are:
Tipwin is not amenable nor responsible for the efficiency of the mentioned software and all the features and functionalities should be agreed between the software owners and users.
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